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    Creating Eve

    I’ve always been a magpie, loving all things with a bit of sparkle. This jacket design started with my love of key rings on bags. On a shopping trim to Paris in...

    Pretty Special Journal embellished biker jackets

    Iconic Biker Jacket

    What is it about a leather biker jacket ? Worn through the ages in different forms. German Fighter pilots wore the bomber jacket version in the first World War. The Manhattan outwear...

    First Aid Kit Pretty Special Jackets Ruins Tour

    First Aid Kit || Part Two

    For a few days now I have been sat at my desk dazed. Finding it really difficult to concentrate. The evening I met the band, it started off with what seemed like...

    First Aid Kit

    First Aid Kit || Part One

    At first when my friend said…..”There’s this up and coming band”….. Their tour manager is checking with the girls. I was like oh that’s really nice, of course just let me know,...

    Fashion Edit Pretty Special Fashion included Woman and Home Fashion Edit

    Woman and Home Fashion Edit

    We made it, look number 3 that’s us, so chuffed. I’m celebrating every bit of good news, with full enthusiasm, you may have already noticed. To be recognised and see it in...

    Pretty Special Leather Embellished Biker Jackets

    Who is behind the Brand ?

    Sharing has never really been me. I’m a kind of lets just get on with it, no need to shout about it, kind of girl. However in this case I do feel...

We love to hear about the months and years, memories and stories, that become buried deep into every crease, stitch and groove of our jackets.


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