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    Will you be my Valentine ?

    Valentine’s day when you’re waiting for the postie to push through all your admirer’s messages of love. Oh how they fall through the letterbox, making such a clatter as they hit the...

    Pretty Special Journal Vivienne

    It’s all a bit Punk

    Sat looking at numerous blogs, write ups and magazines, it’s easy to see there are a massive amount of ‘trends’. If you like minimalistic then you’re in luck, if you like decandene...

    How to wear a Biker Jacket

    How do you wear a statement leather biker jacket and feel comfortable? If you’re thinking how can I ever wear one without looking startled and confused, feeling like a belisha beacon at...

    Forgiving Fashion

    The picture above is of Felicity Hayward with Anna Shillinglaw the founder of Milk Management a Plus model agency taken for the Times newspaper. I laugh when I type ‘plus’, I’m talking...

    Pretty Special Jackets First Aid Kit Band and Carol Vorderman

    Keep your Dreams

    What if I was to say to you that you’ll make it work ? I’m saying this to you while you can see no light at the end of the tunnel. Endless...

    Pretty Special Leather Embellished jackets Journal Website

    A New Season

    I know it sounds ridiculous talking about AW18 in this heatwave. If we lived in a permanently hot country there would be no need for jackets. Ridiculous thought I know, everyone needs...

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