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Pretty Special Journal Vivienne

Sat looking at numerous blogs, write ups and magazines, it’s easy to see there are a massive amount of ‘trends’. If you like minimalistic then you’re in luck, if you like decandene then you’ll be thrilled. Do you want to dress like you’re at a permanent party then Marc Jacobs and Versace have it covered. Colour fanatic ? then voila, more muted shades it’s all covered. You get my drift there’s something for everyone.
The one trend that is making me smile is the reincarnation of PUNK. London catwalks awash with rebellion (Brexit, much ?).Covered by the heavy weight fashion houses Chanel and Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Albeit a posh form of punk. Dare I mention it but there’s a lot of tartan. Don’t get me wrong, being a Scot I feel home when I hear bag pipes playing. Tartan is a bit like marmite you either love it or hate it. I’m the later, Scared from a tartan school uniform and seeing tourists joining the clan, on the streets of Edinburgh.
Punk started in the 1960’s in America and the UK and lasted to the mid 70’s. With garage rock and glam rock mixed in these were very exciting times. Just about old enough as a teenager to wear a pair of bondage tartan trousers. Let me tell they were quite difficult to walk in. Those times were more about the music and attitude rather than going out to buy a purposely made punk outfit.
Fashion houses have ensured that they have this look covered with more safety pins than Johnny rotten ever wore. The difference is that teamed with a dark floral dress and a choker then you have this look updated.
One last mention is that for this season if you don’t wear/buy a pair of combat boots then I’ll eat my hat. A tricky task but I’m convinced and offered by Bottega Veneta, Chloe, Miu Miu these really are the season’s must haves to wear with your leather biker jacket.

We love to hear about the months and years, memories and stories, that become buried deep into every crease, stitch and groove of our jackets.


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