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I know it sounds ridiculous talking about AW18 in this heatwave. If we lived in a permanently hot country there would be no need for jackets. Ridiculous thought I know, everyone needs a jacket, or is that just me ? Anyway the purpose of this journal is to say that the Alice and Vivienne jackets are due in stock very soon ! Plus I have added sizes 8 and 10. Very excited ! So I’ve been working hard to try and get the Pretty Special name out there but feeling a bit like a little minnow in a big ocean πŸ™‚
Big believer in fate along with a massive dose of good luck and endless graft. So getting the next two jackets in stock means a big deal to me. It’s difficult to get across in words and images how much design work and 99% graft has gone into these jackets.
Firstly the leather quality, it is soft buttery lambskin leather that’s designed to feel really soft straight away. Without the need for ‘wearing in’. It will literally mould to your body ! I was very insistent on this, I’ve bought countless leather jackets that I have bought that are so stiff. Expensive one’s to,where I thought this leather should be better quality.
The Shaping of the jackets, I designed to cover the key iconic biker jacket shapes. Eve and Alice are more longline than Scarlett and Vivienne. Scarlett is a classic biker shape while Vivienne is a little more cropped. Once I knew which shapes to do, I started to think about the detailed embellishment.
It was of massive importance to use exactly the right studs, badges and patches. To give each jacket a different personality. Spending hours and hours playing/sourcing trims and working out layouts. Each detail carefully considered for maximum impact. Wanting these jackets to be able to wear daily, rock at night and treasured always.
If you are ever interested on my personal journey with Pretty Special then have a look at my personal profile on insta at caroliner21.
When the jackets arrive I will be offering more one off promotional discounts and if you are interested the best way is to sign up on the website to ‘keep in touch’. Or it would be just lovely to hear your feedback to and are you a leather biker jacket just like me ?
Anyway here are my fab four as I like to call them……X

We love to hear about the months and years, memories and stories, that become buried deep into every crease, stitch and groove of our jackets.


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