Pretty Special
First Aid Kit Pretty Special Jackets Ruins Tour

For a few days now I have been sat at my desk dazed. Finding it really difficult to concentrate. The evening I met the band, it started off with what seemed like an endless journey to get there. The “Beast from the East” snow mean’t finally ditching the car, getting the train and taxi to the venue. I would have walked there if I had to. I won’t lie, saying that we were on the guest list was a thrill. Once inside, walking through to the VIP area, still gives me a buzz. Sat with the bands relatives and friends, beyond the red rope and Security man eeeeeeeh…Finally sitting down to listen to the band. OMG Klara and Johanna’s voices….the purity of their harmonising voices that hit all notes perfectly. Angels with something strong to say. You can probably tell I found it all quite emotional. Straight to my heart, making me go goose pimply all over. Enjoying it so much I had quite frankly forgotten I was still to meet them. Sitting there watching them I remember thinking….. I’m so glad I made the decisions I have. For me it was my epiphany moment.
Then to quickly the gig was over and because we had ‘Blue Tickets’ we had back stage access. The crowds dwindled to only a few and we entered the backstage bar. Talking to Scott, a kindred Scot from Edinburgh, is the tour manager and drummer. He then introduced us to the girls. They are exactly like I imagined, beautiful, very tall and soooo lovely. No airs or graces just two very very lovely girls. I passed over the jackets and said I hope they enjoyed wearing them. Completely understood after a day of interviews at BBC Salford and just playing a set, they’d be shattered. So was just hoping that I’d catch a glimpse of them in the jackets in the future. Think I kept saying how wonderful they are, can’t quite remember was just so elated to meet them. Chatting away to Steve the keyboard and trombone player is such a cool guy. All of a sudden Johanna come into the bar wearing Alice, saying how much she loved the jacket. My friend said “you should have seen the look on your face !!!”. Well I think my jaw feel to the floor. Then quite frankly I hugged her. Yes I did, didn’t care and yes I also hugged Klara, couldn’t help myself. It was with sheer unadulterated joy and I loved every minute of it. X

We love to hear about the months and years, memories and stories, that become buried deep into every crease, stitch and groove of our jackets.


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