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We made it, look number 3 that’s us, so chuffed. I’m celebrating every bit of good news, with full enthusiasm, you may have already noticed. To be recognised and see it in print is Pretty Special. This makes me feel like I’m on the right track. This makes up for the last six months since starting up. Oh boy I’ve had some wobbles and there are certain things I wasn’t prepared for. Having no income and all the money flowing outwards endlessly. Working in areas where I was totally clueless despite my years of experience. Totally out of my comfort zone. Feeling dumb and very much on my own little island. Talking to the cat for advice was a memorable low point. Having no idea if this would work. At times I just wanted to be back in the life I’d always known, having a safety net. What was my job title if someone asked had I fallen off the job ladder. Craving normality instead of spiralling on my feelings of insecurity. Staying in my PJ’s for days, feeling miserable and not caring what I wanted to wear. This was so not me. Paul my other half, is very black and white in his thinking, I’m the emotional one, as you can tell. He kept saying ‘this is something you’ve always wanted to do, you chose this”.
The adjustment from employment to resting on my laurels has been a painful one. If anyone says that setting up a new label is easy, they’re lying. However I’ve had a taste of what might be and I like it….a-lot. Since launching, new doors have opened because a certain person believed in me, I now also work as a freelance stylist and absolutely love it. What do they say, one door closes another opens. When I saw this article, it gave me the affirmation that I might be on the right road after all.
Suddenly I no longer have just a job, it’s become something I really want to do. Do you know something though I wouldn’t change a damn thing X

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