Pretty Special
Can we just talk about jackets Pretty Special Journal post

I can’t honestly remember when this fixation started. It couldn’t be just any straight forward jacket. They needed to have a twist, something a bit different. You know what I mean when you see that Jacket and it makes your heart beat faster. I’m sure I’m not alone. Think it started with All saints Victorian-a / Goth phase, oh how I loved the pleat, dip back hem, the cut of their jacket’s. Seriously I couldn’t get enough of them, they were quirky and I liked that. They could really do with digging back into their archives and releasing a Vintage range !
Looking at the new ranges starting to come in for SS18, the usual suspects are still there but with an added twist. The Biker, Bomber, denim, padded jackets are all well etched into the fashion DNA. Detailing is still there and all the big fashion houses are doing it. I did spy a corduroy bomber which made me shudder, that fabrication has a lot to answer for my youth fashion faux pas. How could a fabric called ‘Jumbo Cord” be a fashion item !! However the one I have shown below have a lot more to it and I do feel we will see corduroy bombers.
Military, florals, studs are all still there. However more deconstructed twisted elements are there. Balenciaga I’m sure have been looking at old All Saints jackets. Well that’s my theory x

We love to hear about the months and years, memories and stories, that become buried deep into every crease, stitch and groove of our jackets.


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